CURRENTLY ALL WORSHIP SERVICES ARE ONLINE  via our website and facebook. 


At our COVID Consistory meeting April 6th it was decided to suspend Sanctuary in-person worship through May.

Outdoor Worship opportunities –   May 9th, May 23rd , June 6th and June 20th at 9am at the Gettysburg Rec Park.  Further discussion will continue at the April 20 Consistory meeting.  On-line live streaming will continue. 

Midweek (Outdoor) Prayer Service – Extended through May 26th.

           Wednesdays at Noon and 6:00pm on High St. in front of the church. Please join us.

Messy Church – May 23rd – 3pm-5pm  – Scripture, Prayer and Pottery!!!  Held at Under the Horizon Pottery Studio on Biglerville Road. Reservations needed.  Please call the church office. 

Who We Are now

Our Mission Statement

“to serve God and God’s creation in faith, hope, and love, through worship, ministry, discipleship, and fellowship, all in the spirit of Christ.”

Meet Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Frederick Young
Our Pastor

Trinity’s 2020 Consistory

Cynthia Blevins
Scott Breininger
Bette Rinehart Bunce
Rev. Peter Kuhn
Joan Peck - Vice Chair
Scott Wehler
Carl Barrick
Demetrius Carbaugh
Rayna Cooper - Chair
Georgia Hollabaugh
Lewis Hilbert
Ruth Krietz

Located in historic Gettysburg, many of our members are active locally in some aspect concerning the historical Civil War battle that occurred here July 1 – 3, 1863. The building itself is included in the church and walking tours because of our participation in the compassionate ministries to the wounded combatants. We wish to continue that tradition of being a loving and serving body of Christ; to know Jesus and to make him known.

We are a covenant member of The United Church of Christ. Statewide we are active in the Gettysburg Association and The Penn Central Conference of our denomination. The “UCC” is a protestant church group formed in 1957 as a merger of four denominational groups, each with their unique flavor and contributions. They were: Congregational, Reformed, Evangelical, and Christian.

Congregational – (New England) Puritans (and Pilgrims), cutting edge social reform and theological discussions.

Reformed – (Pennsylvania and Ohio Valley) From the great reformers Calvin and Zwingli, our liturgical root.

Evangelical Synod – (Mississippi Valley) Wonderful service and witness on the frontier of our nation.

Christian – (South) Distinctly American, wishing to simply be “Christian”, followers of Christ.

Our church in Gettysburg has Reformed roots, as this area was heavily populated by people of German heritage. From this beginning, we bring an emphasis on reverent worship and compassionate service to those in need. We practice two sacraments (of sacred significance): baptism and holy communion.

As an autonomous local church, we have a congregational structure with each member equally responsible for decision-making and ministry. Members are received by baptism, confirmation, affirmation of faith, and by transfer of letter.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome in this United Church of Christ congregation, where God is still speaking.

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