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Due to the increased cases of COVID 19 in Adams County, Trinity will be not have in-person worship through the month of January.   

      On-line worship will continue via our website and facebook. 

Groups will not be permitted to meet in the church until further notice.

We are updating our pictoral directory and need your help in updating the church directory.  There is a lime green binder in the Gathering Area for your corrections and changes. Please browse through the binder and make any corrections and/or changes to your family and contact information.   You may also send your corrections and changes “in writing” to the church office by email or mail.




  Awakening joyful service guided by our still speaking God

Our Church History

A Brief History of Our Church

Trinity United Church of Christ had its origin in 1790 when a group of German Christians, led by Rev. George Troldenier, of Holland, organized a church body. They met in a log cabin school room adjacent to our present building.

On January 27, 1812, the foundation for a “union church” was laid at the present location by the German Reform and German Lutheran congregations. English was introduced into the service in 1832 and six years later the first church school was organized. In 1836 a number of members, who had formed the Christ Lutheran congregation, left the “union church” and in 1850 the St. James Lutheran congregation decided to dissolve the union church as well.

The present church’s cornerstone was laid on May 22, 1851. It was remodeled in 1892 with the addition of a vestibule, tower, and stained glass windows. In that same year, our name was changed to Trinity Reformed Church.

In 1863 this building served as a hospital for wounded soldiers of both armies during the “Battle of Gettysburg.” In 1918 it served as a “Y” hut for the soldiers of Camp Colt during World War I.

In 1934, in a merger with the Evangelical Synod, the name was changed to the Evangelical and Reformed Church. The addition of a Fellowship Hall was completed in 1950. In 1957 a merger was consummated with the Congregational Christian Church. At the Uniting General Synod in Cleveland, Ohio that year, the denomination’s name was established to be the United Church of Christ.

The congregation’s bicentennial celebration was observed in 1990. During that year a major renovation of the building was completed which involved remodeling and realigning the interior of the sanctuary. New additions included the chancel and gathering area, parlor, and offices along with the remodeling of the Fellowship Hall and church school classrooms.

The congregation has called 20 pastors over these many years. In addition, four members of the congregation have been ordained as ministers:

Rev. William Swisher – 1962
Rev. Timothy Weible – 1991
Rev. Kim Blocher – 1995
Rev. Joel Weible – 1999

Interested in History?

A History Interest Group is forming. Trinity has a rich and important history that needs to be shared with our members. If you are interested in learning more about Trinity’s past, please join us. You may contact Jane Malone (334-1679 or janemalone@embarqmail.com) for more information.

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